Path to FX Asset

I sometimes recall the name of an Asset but don’t know the path to it. Is there a way to find the path to an asset or some spreadsheet that shows where a particular Asset can be found within the Layer ‘N’ FX / Load Asset dropdown?

Similarly is there a way to apply an Asset to a Layer when i find the FX within the Assets Tab? -There I can see it but I don’t know how to apply it to any particular layer.

Unless i’m missing something, this is a feature request to show path to FX Asset, within Asset Tab.

Right click the asset in the media bin… “Reveal selected files in finder”.

Asset tab is I think more for non-video assets, like plugins, effects. Look under the Files tab for more details about a loaded video file… including right clicking to “reveal in finder” here as well.

Hola Enki!

Why Hello, Mr. Seejordan.
Clearly I was opaque, I meant, how can I find FX Assets within Layers? As far as I know the only way is to hunt, First i go into Audio Visualizer, hunt there, then Blur Hunt there, then Color Adjustment, hunt there…etc.

Alternatively if i know the name of the FX i can look in WorkPlace Inspector/Assets - and type the name of the FX into the search but once i’m there and i find the fx Asset i don’t know how to find apply it to a layer.

If i know the name of a FX how do i find it without hunting? or how do i apply it from within the Assets tab?

-Yours, Mr, Opaque.