Output Rez/Clip "Played" indicator

Simple questions: 1) Is there a way to have the Main output/Canvas layer preserve the resolution of the displayed video/image? That is, if I have the Canvas Rez set to 640x480, but the displayed video is (e.g.) 480x480 or 16:9, can the Main be set to use the incoming resolution?
2) For clips on a media Bin page, is there a way to indicate that a clip has been played?


  1. Nope, the resolution size (and the resolution of groups) itself can not change as the result of the media that is playing; typically we suggest setting the canvas to match (or be a multiple) of whatever your outputs screens; and in the case of outputs like NDI / Syphon, sometimes apps that are on the receiving end don’t like it when the resolution of the stream changes constantly. Another reason is that this idea doesn’t work when you have more than a single layer, which is the case a lot of the time in VDMX – how would this behavior work when you want to mix a 1280x720 clip with a 640x480 one? What resolution does the canvas get set to?
    (I would be curious to hear about your specific use case, maybe there is a better way to go about what you are trying to achieve here)
    (Typically for dealing with aspect ratio mismatches, the ‘size’ option for switching between fit / fill / stretch is useful)
  2. Nope – again would be nice to hear about your use case, but there are a lot of potential odd edge cases here (is this per layer? per bin? if / when does the indicator get reset?)

Thanks for the reply David.
For the resolution question, my problem is that I have source material in various sizes/resolutions, and if, for example I have a 480x480 image of a sphere, it appears distorted at any non-square resolution

Was hoping there was a way to indicate on a media bin entry that it had been selected and played, so that a clip isn’t repeated within a performance. Maybe something like a bin option for ‘play tracking’ with a green dot indicator that could be reset manually.