OSC Trigger by Name question


I am looking to do a basic OSC communication to trigger an image in a media bin to layer1.
Basic send OSC message and have the name get used to trigger the image to the layer1.

Example: Sending simple OSC message would trigger the image name to layer 1.

/ImageName image1.jpg ; would trigger image1 to layer 1
/ImageName image2.jpg; would trigger image2.jpg to layer 1.

I can not seem to find where I can specify the OSC string name.
Can this be done? I am using vdmx b0.

Thank you,

I was able to get this to work by going into VDMX preferences, in OSC tab.

  1. Detect New
  2. Send OSC message. The name needs to exactly match.
    /ImageName image1.jpg
  3. In Workplace Inspector under plugins. Select MediaBin1
  4. In Control Tab, select Trigger by Name
    A drop down should show you something like Dedicated OSC → ImageName
  5. Enable String Data Receiver.
  6. Re-Send OSC message; image1.jpg should go to layer 1 now.