OSC Question, STRING Suggestion / Request


I’ve always wondered about the OSC RegEx matching prefs and recently found this:
OSC Reg Ex Example

This explains using RegEx Expressions for sending.
But I was wondering if it is also possible to use this for a receiver pattern.


RE Strings

When setting OSC Name Spaces for receiving or sendings.
Or constructing Strings for display. It would be great to be able to

1A) Have a $recVal variable that represents the recivers Value
1B) Have a $userVar local variable that could be set by the user

then these values could be used for creating the OSC Name Space,

For example in a Text Field could have:
display string: “Layer 1’s Blending Mode is ($recVal)”

of further:
set Layer1’s blending mode menu to send it’s string value via OSC to:

set userVar to “1”
set receiver’s OSC Reciving Namespace to:

Now Can Set Text Field display string:
“Layer ($userVar)'s Blending Mode is ($recVal)”

Maybe these String Constructions for be achieved via a
Do Math String Function or
a new TextFX Chains functions