OSC Control to min, max video timing

is there a way to control the min max value with a midi or osc controller of the video player ?


Are you referring to the player in and out points?

yes that’s it, I know that there’s toggle button for in out which is set by the current position.
But it’s the punch in & punch out that I wish to control

Could you share a screenshot or video recording of what you mean? Thanks

here it is :

To the best of my knowledge, there’s no way to control the values of that directly. You can send a value and set the in or out point, or you can link the playhead to the OSC values (essentially doing the same thing?, but without setting an actual in and out point.).

The playback timeline min and max are based on the values of the video, but the playhead can progress from 0 - 100 %.

So I can use an app like Veźer to control OSC values on a timeline that adjusts the in and out points. Or you could use VDMX’s custom UI to make sliders that adjust values for other sliders that control the playhead percent change (or even step sequencer / LFO, etc).

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Ossia or Chataigne could the trick too !
Thank you for you answer I’ll see if it can be my solution !

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