OS 10.15.7


anyone having issues with crashing in os x 10.15.7 version? Everything was fine in the pervious 10.15.x not sure which version, but since going to .7 things have been crashing a lot.

I know better than to do updates without testing, but was worried that w os x11/big sur coming out, apple would lock people in to skipping to that newest os.

The other big change - gpu used to max out w vdmx, now it is only hitting 35%. I though it might just be a activity monitor bug - perhaps it was at 35% before, and showing 100, or its at 100% and says 35% … or its being thermally throttled.

not sure. adobe media encoder will max out the gpu.

laptop - 2019 16" i9, 64gb ram, 5500M 8 GB



Hi cmatts,

Have you tried reinstalling since updating? (Delete the old app and install the latest .dmg).



Same OS
MacBook Pro 16” base model

Same here !
It crashes, most often when using NDI’s
In the past happened very rarely.



Hi @guevarajorge,

It’s a good habit to do a full reinstall after updating OSX. Did you update recently or did you buy your mac with 10.15.7 installed on it?