Organizing effects - preferred versions moving forward?

I am working to organize the effects - since there so many duplicates - creating new categories and disabling effects.

Since quartz composer has been depreciated - moving forward are the .fs/isf based effects to be preferred over .qtx / quartz composer based effects?

What about the video effects with out file name extensions?

This question also applies to all the composite modes - ci, qc, GLSL - is any version more effect than the others?

The default video mixing is open gl - which apple depreciated. Safe to guess the default mixing will switch to something that is not based in open gl?

Honestly with the time I’ve spent trying to figure out how things are different - a potential feature request would be consolidating the effects. There are so many duplicates - some with the same name, some different names but the resulting effects and controls are identical or almost identical.


started this also a few days ago… tedious work. I tried to compare the FS and QC fx and if the FS was doing what the QC can do almost as good or as good, I’d ditch it … well it’s obvious ;)

So I’d love to know as well.



So I waited on replying to this thread to see the announcements from WWDC :sweat_smile:

It looks like even though OpenGL is depreciated, it is still going to be around for the next iteration of the macOS, and even supported on the new ARM machines. This means that hopefully we’ll be able to continue to support Quartz Composer at least for another 1-2 years; fingers crossed that we don’t run into any oddities as we transition to Metal. We’ve installed the latest private OS beta on a machine and QC support will be part of our testing.

To answer this particular question, video effects listed in VDMX without file extensions are CoreImage; these likely aren’t going anywhere, even as we transition the rendering engine to Metal.

And yep, the default blend modes will be Metal equivalents in the future, and hopefully we’ll be able to make this seamless for everyone when this transition happens.

I’ll also note that Vuo 2.0 is quite an improvement over the original. If you are a fan of QC, it is worth giving that a try, though of course you’ve got the same concerns about OpenGL disappearing at some point down the road, at least there is a development team behind the product.


Thanks for the update. The delay totally makes sense and will users self organize their preferred effects.