Option to Display time left in Clip playback?


Feature Request : Option to Display time left in Clip playback…

Frequently have someone come and look at my laptop and ask how long is left in a clip -
and have to guesstimate / calculate from the timeline, rather than just point to a number…

Bonus? Capacity to increase font size for this time left display…

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Thanks @jeanpoole

I’ve added it to the list of feature requests.



Hi @jeanpoole,

Here’s what the DL said back:

The ‘Time Remaining’ is available as a data-source that can eg be used to drive a custom slider in the Control Surface. This can be handy for having an N-second countdown indicator (presuming the movie is playing at 1x).


  • Make sure to range the control surface slider in seconds
  • Make sure to have the data-source set to expect non-normalized (ranged) values as the ‘Time Remaining’ data-source is in seconds, not a fixed 0-1 range.

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Thanks for the workaround, and say hi to the DL botlord!
I’ll give it a try - but for the record would still prefer to just have the option of choosing -
time remaining visible inside the layer playing… (or eg inside 3 or 4 layers playing) -
rather than have to -

  • quick glance between associated sliders and clips playing, prefer the fewer layers of abstraction the better in those moments…
  • set-up more sliders and take up more screen real estate …


Agreed, it’s still in the feature requests!

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thanks, Appreciated!

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Related: Resolume’s recent implentation of time-remaining display:



@jeanpoole It’s been a long time hope you are well. Jim

I have been using the the stop watch .isf file linked to the time remaining and then have that overlaid on my clip preview. It means extra layer but i got into grouping stuff to make it a bit easier.
Also have a separate group that displays current timecode count so easily have a quick reference of how much time left on a clip and if my timecode has started as expected.



Thanks + Hiiiii @Destroythings -
That’s an interesting solution - though yeah, I still hope we get a neater in-built capacity in the future…

And yeah, haven’t seen you online for ‘a while’

  • I like to imagine you’ve been living in a skate commune somewhere…
    maybe it’s an Amish skate commune, and they don’t know that you’ve built an underground bunker,
    where you tinker away on live visuals and complex electronic light set-ups every night…

If that isn’t the case - you’re welcome to the above text for your text-to-image AI of choice…



I’m still here just doing well at hiding from social media :)

Maybe will be out for Laneway next year so will hit you up if i am nearby

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Be nice to see you again - hopefully we can get a skate in. Out of curiosity - who’d you be touring with for laneway?



oh and PS - ‘notch-birds’ ? Have you been making particle flocks in notch? Would enjoy seeing those in motion, if you’ve got any links?



Yeah i have been using Notch a bunch over the past year. Great app and super quick to learn.