Option to Display time left in Clip playback?


Feature Request : Option to Display time left in Clip playback…

Frequently have someone come and look at my laptop and ask how long is left in a clip -
and have to guesstimate / calculate from the timeline, rather than just point to a number…

Bonus? Capacity to increase font size for this time left display…

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Thanks @jeanpoole

I’ve added it to the list of feature requests.

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Hi @jeanpoole,

Here’s what the DL said back:

The ‘Time Remaining’ is available as a data-source that can eg be used to drive a custom slider in the Control Surface. This can be handy for having an N-second countdown indicator (presuming the movie is playing at 1x).


  • Make sure to range the control surface slider in seconds
  • Make sure to have the data-source set to expect non-normalized (ranged) values as the ‘Time Remaining’ data-source is in seconds, not a fixed 0-1 range.

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Thanks for the workaround, and say hi to the DL botlord!
I’ll give it a try - but for the record would still prefer to just have the option of choosing -
time remaining visible inside the layer playing… (or eg inside 3 or 4 layers playing) -
rather than have to -

  • quick glance between associated sliders and clips playing, prefer the fewer layers of abstraction the better in those moments…
  • set-up more sliders and take up more screen real estate …


Agreed, it’s still in the feature requests!

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thanks, Appreciated!

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