Odd trigger from BPM Counter

I’m having trouble understanding the triggers from the BPM Counter and I’m wondering if this is a bug or a setting I’ve got wrong.

I have a video clip in a layer. I’ve added a data source to the Time Slider to trigger it, in this case the BPM Counter. I want it to trigger every bar. So I’ve tried:
Beats01 - this results in the clip being triggered on beat 1 and beat 2
Beats02 - this results in the clip being triggered on beat 2 and beat 3
Beats03 - this results in the clip being triggered on beat 3 and beat 4
Beats04 - this results in the clip being triggered on beat 4 and beat 1

So why is this always triggering 2 consecutive beats?

Next I tried:
Every Beat - that works as expected.
Every Division - same result as Every Beat as Divisions are set to 1 in the clock settings
Bars - this just changed the play rate of the clip to last the length of the selected bars (2, 4, 8, 16, 32)

So how can I trigger a clip once, on beat 1, of every bar?

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Anyone have any ideas? @davidlublin?

I see, maybe the beat trigger gets toggled ON on beat01 then OFF on beat02, which gives you that double-trigger in this case?

Try this: Instead of using Beat 01 on the time slider’s Receive tab, go to the Mark tab and set a Mark with time of 0. Then use Beat 01 to trigger the mark. That seemed to work on my end.

If you are pulling from a media bin, you might find something from this useful if you haven’t come across it already: Quantized Triggering with the Media Bin

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I’m not seeing the trigger being toggled and not sure there is even and option to do that. So it does still leave the question as you why the trigger is firing in consecutive beats tho.

Thanks. Have a play with that and it works as a work around. Not ideal if you wanna set it up quickly as you have do the setup in the inspector panel rather than simple right click on the slider.

Yeah I’m using “On measure” or “On beat”. Saw it mentioned in this post while reading various bit and thought that would be useful for the type of stuff I’m doing: A way to trigger clips only if there's nothing playing in the layer