Novation ZeRO SLMkII with Media Bin Triggers question

I’m a novice at best with VDMX and have gotten into it as a hobby to get involved with the local music scene in a new way. So I appreciate your time and patience in advance.

I’m using VDMX and a novation ZeRO SLMkII midi controller. I’d like to use the red lit buttons on the midi controller to trigger clips in my media bin. I am currently able to do that.

Example: I want to trigger clip A by pressing button A. I press button A on the novation and it lights up red and the video begins to play. I switch to clip B by pressing button B on the novation next to button A. Button B is now lit red and the video clip B starts to play. Button A has stayed lit even though the clip it is assigned to is no longer in use. In order to retrigger clip A I will have to double tap button A to first turn the red light off and then on again.

Is there anyway to avoid having to double tap the buttons on the novation to trigger a media bin clip?

Is there a way for the novation to recognize when the media clip A is not playing and reset Button A’s red light to off, so that next time I want to press button A to play clip A I only have to play it once?

I ultimately want only redlights on for the clips currently playing. All other assigned lights should be off until triggers.

Again thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope it makes sense.

Any help is appreciated.


I don’t have a novation ZeRO SLMkII in front of me at the moment, but here are a two notes that might help get started… if these don’t help, perhaps you can describe in a little more detail what it is you have already tried to do with the setup.

  1. From the Workspace Inspector, when inspecting your Media Bin, you can click on individual receivers to inspect them via the UI Inspector (these receivers are essentially the same as button receivers). From here you can adjust whether the triggers are ‘val from input’ or ‘toggle on input’ – this sounds like it could be one of the issues that you are running into.

  2. Going into the “Sending” tab from there you can adjust what MIDI values are echo’d back out depending on ‘state’ of the cell. You might find it useful to adjust these values to match your use case; in particular the ‘playing’ vs ‘playing on target layer’ can be a useful distinction to account for when dealing with multi-layer setups.