Not sure where to post.... about NDISyphon

Hi… I’m trying to get a multimedia theater play with some IP ( WiFi ) CCTV cameras into qLab. I have heard the only way to proceed is with NDISyphon… cool, downloaded it, but I get nothing into NDISyphon.

what I have:

-EZVIZ TY2 PTZ cameras.
-iVSM 4200 software ( from HikVision, since EZVIZ app doesn’t have the tools to set diff IP adresses if whished or needed ) as a NVR “emulator”
-2 laptops, one with Windows to handle the Cameras and iVSM 4200 software and one Mac to get the NDISyphone and Qlab. I can get everything on the Mac, but the iVSM4200 version for Mac available is OLDER and we don’t want to “overload” the Mac to play the diff media sources the qLab will play

everything linked to the same WiFi network of course. I have the Windows system getting the cameras network nicelly, but can’t get anything into the Mac ( NDISyphon… and of course neither qLab ).

I’m not a network/IP iliterate, but neither have full knowledgement about that.

The deal is try to play with 3 or 4 cameras as diff sources on different cues at qLab to play with them fading in and out each cameras and mapping them on diff areas of the screen. Along with some vids and audios… maybe also light effects, but just optionally ( we don’t have the DMX interface for it… yet )


I can’t find ANYKIND OF INFO/TUTORIAL about how to setup this… anywhere.

Does the EzViz TY2 PTZ camera support NDI? I don’t see it listed on their website.

It also looks like they use their own streaming protcol which can be viewed by their phone app or their windows only EZVIZ Studio. Maybe it is possible that the EZViz studio can redirect the signal out as NDI or Spout? If it can send Spout, then you can use Spout to NDI to send the video signal from the Windows machine to the Mac machine using NDISyphon.

When I asked to qLab about how to link IP cameras into qLab we never talked about the IP cameras really needed to be into some NDI protocol, I just requested them about use any IP CCTV cameras and they told me to use NDISyphon able to link several IP camera as a different video sources.

The need of some SPECIFIC cameras would beat the project!

Decided to use HikVision software because EZViz studio on PC is REALLY LIMITED to configure the cameras.

And, for whatever reason, Spout is not opening on my PC. Anyway a Mac is the laptop will be used to run the show cues.

Figure53 / QLab is right in thinking that NDISyphon can pull a stream from “some” IP cameras, but only the cameras the broadcast NDI type data streams. You’ll have to ask HikVision if they support NDI. The last IP camera I purchased for a completely different project only sent MJPEG over ethernet which is very different from the NDI protocol.

I think the cheapest NDI PTZ camera that I’ve seen is around $400 per camera. The average being $600-$1200. If you get an NDI camera, then NDISyphon or VDMX should be able to see it on the network.

Maybe you can look around for IP Camera to Syphon code or app: