Not receiving OSC on localhost

Hello :)

There’s probably something obvious that I don’t see, but I can’t for the life of me get VDMX to receive OSC on localhost. Trying to send messages from QLab and Flic, but nothing is received. Dowloaded Protokol (OSC-tester) and the signals are received there. I have no problems sending OSC between Flic and Qlab on the same machine, but there’s nothing coming in to VDMX. (And VDMX sends OSC over localhost to QLab fine)

Anyone’s having any tips? Thanks :)

MacOS 10.15.4

Is this a simple Port issue? If you close Protokol and then make sure in the VDMX settings you are listening to the outgoing port from your OSC device, you should receive the OSC. I just briefly tested that with a new project and using TouchOSC from an iPhone. Can’t listen to the OSC in Protokol at the same time as VDMX…

Someone correct me if there is a way to have multiple software listening to the same OSC port at the same time, can’t think of it off the top of my head right now.

I have no problem receiving from touchOSC.
And I know that VDMX can’t listen on the same port as Protokol.
I just used Protokol to test if it was possible to receive OSC from QLab running on the same computer.

It’s still not working :(

If it wasn’t clear: I’m trying to send OSC from apps on the same Mac as VDMX is running :)

Oh yes, on the same computer it should definitely see the OSC coming in (I tested through Wifi earlier) Are you sure the outgoing port number in QLab is the same as the incoming/listening port in VDMX? Even if it’s local, I think the port number is important.

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Thanks for checking it out and testing! Much appreciated
Then I could rule out VDMX :)

I made it work. Turned out I need to specify the values that QLab and Flic sent out with som extra commands in those applications. So the error was (again) myself :joy:

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