Normalize / Sync Between VDMX, QLab and DMXIS

Thanks to the great tutorials I’ve figured out how to normalize Page and Page 1, the two (different) videos I’m projecting to different screens. QLab triggers the pre-programmed (one note) MIDI triggers. But QLab triggers two children simultaneously - the one for VDMX and one for DMXIS, which a full pre-programmed MIDI light show to accompany the videos. Obviously they need to sync, so I’m slowing down the DMXIS triggers via QLab’s pre-wait setting. The trouble is that the latency between the DMXIS and VDMX triggers varies a lot.

My awkward solution is to normalize the two videos in VDMX, then use Quicktime to record the screen while playing everything. Then I use Final Cut to measure the variance between VDMX and DMXIS. Next I add the prewait number in QLab (guessing). So it takes forever to syncronize everything each time I restart my computer. Is there a better way?

My only suggestions is to make sure you are preloading media files in VDMX, this can speed up triggering.

Thank you David! I will do that. I’m also going to look into converting my video formats.

Thank you for all you do. Your tutorials are excellent.