Noise in BG of circle warp on M1 MacBook pro OS13.5

Why is there noise in the background? Noise only appears on my M1 MacBook Pro. b0.
iMacPro has no noise.b0. See photos.

If the layer position is lowered (y axis) the noise moves with the layer. see image.

Is your MacPro Intel? Does the same thing happen if your run VDMX under Rosetta 2 on the M1 mac?

No Joy, Happens with Rosetta too.
M1 Macbook Pro, OS 13.5, 64GB Ram,

Try out this version.

It sets the alpha / background.
Circle Warp Shader (2.2 KB)

Joy! Circle Warp does not produce noise! Awesome thank you!

That added MedNoise parameter is nice too.

minor issues below:
Not sure that the background color does anything. I see no effect from that slider. -But that’s not my focus.

Thank you again.

Oh, good catch. I thought I removed that before sharing it. I think it’s from an older version of the FX.

Here’s a new version V3 with adjustable height, background color options. Note, by default the alpha is set to 0 / black, if you want to apply colors, you will have to turn the alpha up to 1, then adjust the color sliders.


Thanks, that works even better with a background color slider. Now with height! -Thanks

I think you still accidentally kept the non functioning sliders on the interface. Immediately below “Background Color” the next 4 sliders don’t seem necessary.

While “height, colorR, colorG, colorB, colorA” work great.

I suspect you meant to swap colorR/G/B/A for the background color code. Maybe place the “height” slider next to width?

For others following along, drop the updated file in /Library/Graphics/ISF/ and rejoice. (Root level aye, Not ~/Library…) - How would a beginner know this…From Workplace inspector/Assets you can see where files are stored. Note ISF files are kept in a different location than qtz files. So don’t mix those up. see attached photo.

P.s Why does Circle Warp v.2 still appear within “Assets”?- I’ve deleted it off my system and emptied the trash. It now is displayed in red font, so that is a clue it doesn’t exist. I have a slew of other red fonted assets by FXFactory that also don’t exist, further down the menu.

Thanks again.

All good questions. I have to admit, I’m not the best with shaders, but at some point I’ll go back and clean it up. I think I left the color sliders in there because the backgroundColor input didn’t show up on my end with the ISF editor.

After I polish it up, I’m guessing it will end up in future versions of VDMX. Just wanted to give you all something for now.

Here’s an updated version. V3.2 (removed the background color picker that doesn’t work).
Circle Warp v.3.2 (P.O.) (2.0 KB)

This works perfectly thank you.