New versions FFGL


Was wondering if there are plans for VDMX to support the most recent version of FFGL? There are some FFGL plugins I’d love to use with it. Thanks.



Didn’t know there was a new version. What has changed?




I’m not totally sure, to be honest. But there are a bunch of interesting plugins on Juicebar (and other places) that only support the latest version. Here’s the reply I got when I emailed them:

“Unfortunately, the plugin is not compatible with VDMX. Although they support FFGL plugins (the basis of this technology), they only support an older version.”

This Morphogenesis plugin in particular looks pretty great:



Looks like they only make plugins for Resolume. Resolume might have a modified FFGL, but that’s not why the plugins won’t work with VDMX, it’s because they only designed them to work with Resolume.

I’m sure you could find a shader and modify it to do the same thing (for free).

Maybe someone else has a combination of VDMX FX they could recommend to achieve this effect?

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Thanks for the reply and apologies for my delay. Here’s what it says on the Juicebar FAQ, not sure if this helps at all…seems some of their plugins work with VDMX?

What about GrandVJ, Module8, VDMX and CoGe VJ?
GrandVJ and Module8 don’t support plugins at the moment, where VDMX does. You can try to use the Resolume 6 plugins in VDMX, but we don’t advise to do so, and you can not get any support from us on that for now.