Ndisyphon Defaults

I love the NDISyphon tool. Amazing.

But it would fantastic if it were possible to save the state of the tool so that when a computer reboots or the app restarts it automatically loads the same settings it had when it closed, like a snapshot save and recall function. Is there a way to do that?

Sadly there isn’t currently a way to save the settings within NDISyphon.

It is on the to do list, but it is one of those things where to do it well (accounting for and testing all the edge cases where stuff doesn’t match up) is not an insignificant amount of work and we don’t like to set expectations and then not follow through on them.

Our other similar app BlackSyphon (for working with BlackMagic gear) has the same limitation, and there is along with this the debate of if these apps should be first merged so that we could more easily add improvements to both apps…