NDI 5 (game changer?)


With the imminent release of NDI 5 coming. Will this change the way we work and open up the opportunity to easily collaborate remotely and share content streams? Undoubtedly there will be challenges and financial barriers (hardware costs, bandwidth, etc.) but it sounds like another leap forward for AV.

NDI thoughts, tips and experiences appreciated.


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I feel like once we open this up it’s going to become a throughput issue, bandwidth crisis. Many ISPs are stingy with the uplink speeds. I don’t have that problem thanks to my local ISP being chill (Monkeybrains in the SF area) but beyond typical streaming if you’re sharing a few sources that could be 30mbps+ you need just to stay in sync.

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That’s a good point, I hadn’t really thought about the potential ISP issues. That said I suspect most collaborative sessions will be done in the same building with a closed network. You need to start hunting for a synchronous connection with friendly network admin :slight_smile: