Multiple simultaneous data sources

I’m looking to have multiple data sources affecting one effect. That is for instance to have a layer being hidden or showed when i press my “spacebar” and also when i press “n”.

Researching this on google i think i have found a vidvox forum topic that answers this question but the page won’t open. I get this message " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."
Here’s the link in case someone had access to it:

Anyone has any idea how to achieve this?


Hey Tram!

We recently archived all of the materials from the old forums, as a lot of the content was no longer relevant to the latest release of VDMX (in fact this is quite true even of the thread you were looking for, which was from 8 years ago and discussing an old beta…

Multiple data-sources in VDMX can be assigned in a variety of ways, depending on your particular use case. Here are the two most common techniques.

  • Using the UI Inspector, you can, for any slider / button, you can create any number of data ‘receivers’ including different keyboard shortcuts, as in the following screenshot:

  • Another similar trick is using local UI item presets to switch between which data-sources are active; this is particularly useful when dealing with ‘frequent’ data-sources that push values constantly (as compared to ‘infrequent’ data-sources such as key presses which only happen when the interface is pressed). UI Item Presets are also configured from the UI Inspector, more info on this in this tutorial,

I hope that helps!

PS. For a more advanced technique, you may want to look into using ‘Number FX Chains’ – here is a recent tutorial on using those,


Thanks so much for the thorough answer David!
(I took a long time to reply, i thought i had arleady thanked you, and found out now that i hadn’t)
It really helped and opened the way for a lot of new possibilities!