Multiple Midi notes for 1 slider


Hello everyone… would like to use multiple midi notes (from a midi keyboard) to trigger the same slider. I manage to add multiple data sources but if they are all enabled the slider is random and unresponsive.



welcome! They’re probably a few ways to make this.

Maybe try using a control surface plugin to make a slider that can be used as a multi use constant source to represent “the keyboard” send that set to range of midi notes to the same slider, you can play with a fair amount of setting with velocity and notes as variables that way. it would just come up as a source.

you could also setup marks to represent different note values so you can choose them vs letting them be random. and after that maybe play with Num FX chains too.

So many ways to skin that critter.



thank you so much for the quick response!

I setup marks for each note and auto spaced it on the slider. Now I would like the slider to go to zero once the note is off… how should I go about that? As is the notes trigger different stages within the slider but stay in that position till the next note is played.

thanks again



Np, you caught me on a day of tutorials and check in’s.

There should be a note off setting for there keyboard midi source? or you can add a FX chain “Fall Speed”

I’m always looking for new VDMX envelope techniques if anyone has um?



Thing is I managed to assign notes to marks but I can’t add Null Fx assets to marks…



yeah, it would have to be assigned to the slider ur trying to effect.