Multiple beamers using MacBook Pro 13"

Hey everyone.
Has anyone experience working with multiple beamers using a single graphic card macbook?
the thing is I don’t want to use a normal splitter cause that will cause into sharing the same image into the beamers but instead need to access each beamer individually.
Would be lovely to hear some feedback cause the event is coming up soon :crazy_face:


Two things!

  1. Can you be more specific about which model 13" MBP you are using? Is your other option here to use an eGPU, or a device like a TripleHead2Go, or …?
  2. In general (not always!) we suggest using a built-in GPU over multiple GPUs / eGPUs. There are some notes about this in the docs ( that might help, but essentially there is some extra overhead when images need to be passed between GPUs…

Well about the MBP model its the 13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports, with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB.
my priority of option would be something not so expensive as I am in the starving artist stage. I looked up the Triplehead2go option which would cost me around 300ish I guess.
Do you suggest to move towards the eGPU option?

Unless you are explicitly doing a lot of ISF / generative stuff, I would avoid an eGPU – otherwise direct outputs from your built-in GPU (even with a TH2Go) are better, especially if you are doing lots of movie playback.

(Basically the limitation with eGPUs right now is the connection, which is essentially PCI 4x, compared to 8x or 16x for a built-in GPU – you can only pass a certain amount of image data back and forth; with generative stuff the upload is minimal, but for movie playback there is constant texture uploading from the CPU to the active GPU, and you can max out the bandwidth of Thunderbolt 3. This is also an issue in the other direction as well, eg when you go from the eGPU -> the CPU to record movies, or send via NDI…)


Thanks for the Fast reply,
I will go with the TH2go then cause I got both ISF and Video Loops.
Will keep you updated with the results.

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