Multiple audio and in-out issues, 16" M1Max 64RAM / Monterey / VDMX /


Howdy. This is happening even with a simple “play back single clips” layout:

  1. Setting in/out points - these are usually ignored when retriggering the clip (clip restarts from the beginning). Loop/playback mode doesn’t change this.

  2. Setting in/out points live while playing back (something I’ve always done and is a primary technique for me) causes audio to disappear, even on prores/hap/photojpeg clips.The audio is also missing on other subsequently triggered clips. Stopping everything for about a minute usually brings it back.

  3. Occasionally, triggering a clip with I/o points causes the clip the play audio
    from the start of the clip while the video is from the in point.

None of these happen every single time, but 1 and 2 are happening ALMOST consistently. None of them happened on my previous machines, but I don’t know what VDMX version my last machine was running.

An additional unrelated but annoying bug: regardless of the scale-below-notch setting in get info, loading the supplied templates or older layouts crops out the top of the layout (eg the title bar for the top row of windows - as it the Mac menu bar is blocking them). So everything has to be repositioned and resaved.



Follow up - based on recommendations seen re other video issues and Isadora not playing nicely while Adobe Creative Cloud is running, I updated to 12.3 and ditched the CC app. If anything, the issues are worse - this morning, the I/o point audio sync and wrong-start-point issue is not only consistent but consistently adds a new wrinkle: the next time the clip is loaded, the video (incorrectly) starts at the first frame regardless of the I/o points, but the AUDIO starts at the in point - once it spontaneously decides to come back at all.

Tried again opening in Rosetta as well - same behavior.

Since I haven’t seen other complaints about this, I must either I have a machine with some VDMX-only defect, or not many people are still using VDMX in a way that involves live manipulation / live “editing” based mostly on A/V clips? OR it’s strictly an M1 problem. I don’t do much with the generative aspects of VDMX but those do seem to be working fine. But for me, this is fatal. Hoping it’s a fixable bug.



Hi @brookhinton,

The In/Out point from clip launch is definitely a bug. It started sometime after b8.7.2.10. Rolling back to older versions fixes this, but they will not be M1 native.

I haven’t experienced the Audio issue, but I’m assuming the two are related. I’ll put it on the bug list.


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My impression is there’s no problem keeping both an M1 and an older Intel version on the same machine, correct?



Correct, you can have as many versions as you’d like, just change the name. Some things might change, but it will work. You can also run b8.7.2.13 under Rosetta 2 which is what you’ll have to do for a legacy version.

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It’s asking for my serial again with each different version. If this going to actually use up my registration count? I only a week or two ago had to ask David to reset them when I re-installed to get past the crash-on-startup issue.



Have now tried versioning all the way back to Above that, the bugs are still there. At, the program crashes on open.



Just FYI follow up - have now reinstalled The in/out bugs persist. So these must have been happening long before Is there a downloadable version that definitely does NOT have the in/out bug?



You could try b8.2.3.2?

Let us know if it works? If not, then it’s something Monterey is doing that’s causing the issue. (And we’ll have to fix on our end). Thanks



Won’t open.
It looks like that version is 32 bit. Shows the circle/line icon and produces the “needs to be updated” message. (And I do have rosetta2, have been trying all the others under it.)

Also tried, which crashes on launch with something about Python in the crash message.