Moving layers on X/Y path (animation and tracking)

Is there a case for a ‘joystick’ style plugin which allows you to draw a path with points for a layer to follow within the boundaries of the canvas. Not the simplest of ideas to implement but something which would be useful for animation and tracking. Not sure there’s a simple way of doing this at the moment even with tools like Vezér.

It is something that has been discussed…

I think it would be a good addition and would create some interesting opportunities for animation and interaction. My wish list would be:

  • open paths
  • closed paths
  • add points
  • remove points
  • data source for point animation (big ask)
  • layer anchor point (centre/centre, centre/top, centre/left, etc)
  • path as layer source (stroke width and colour)

Just some thoughts ;-)

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Input from controllers via OSC, as a start: