Movie Recorder not working (for me)

Hi all -

Apologies in advance as I’m super new to this program. I’m try to record to disc using the movie recorder plugin buy having no luck. I’ve searched the forum and elsewhere but not finding anything useful yet.

Basically - it throws an error with H264 so that doesn’t work. Using the Hap codecs ‘seems’ to work but the files are 0kb each, so it’s not really capturing.

I’m on Mac OS High Sierra and latest VDMX if that matters.

I’m following the short three step tutorial exactly but can’t seem to understand what I"m doing wrong.

Anyone else having this issue?



Hi Bill,
Could you send a screen shot of your setup or attach your project?

I’m assuming you might be playing visuals from your OS hard drive (hopefully SSD?) and you are trying to record to the same disk?

Just trying to get a better picture of what’s going on. Thanks

Hi and thanks.

Three screenshots added to default video feedback template but with plug in movie recorder added.

First one is with H264 codec, 2nd one with Hap and recording to internal SSD but showing 0 KB files size, and 3rd one with recording location switch to external HD (not SSD) also showing 0 KB.

The mac OS is High Sierra with 16gb Ram and nothing else of consequence running.

Thanks for your help!


Hmm… Are you able to use syphon recorder?

How’s your overall CPU usuage, free memory, SSD space?

Hi Cornelius,

Syphon worked like a treat - thanks for that.



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