Movie recorder - mkv option?


Feature request (might not be reasonable, niche use or not needed)

Would it be possible for the movie recorder to save the prores files in a mkv container?
Based on using obs - it seems like mkv files are a bit friendlier to crashes / random unexpected stops to recordings.

I’ve been using the movie recorder to record sets - vs a live sampling workflow - and been having a bunch of random crashes since going from os x 10.15.5? to 10.15.7 which is leaving me with 100+gb files that kinda open but are corrupt. Luckily I have an old machine with qt7 that will reexport to something useful.



Hi cmatts,

Any chance you’ve considered using an external recorder? We have a bit of a discussion going about them here: Video capture devices thread

If you are using an external monitor (projector, screen) or not, you can send out to an HDMI device and capture smaller H.264 or H.265 mp4s with the push of a button and taking the burden off your mac.



I have, but at $800+, would be better if i could figure out what is causing vdmx to crash.

I def did something that is causing vdmx to crash - before that everything was rock solid and i was able to use the build in movie recorder.

Have mkv would be good backup against crashes. Lost about 2hrs of recordings last night.



What are the specs of your system?