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Hello, I don’t know if it is possible, but i would know if there is some way to detect all midi notes in a channel. A midi message like “/MIDI/ch. 1/notes[*]” , so i don’t have to assign every note manually.


In some places you can do a range detect, but I’m not sure if it covers the particular use case you are looking for – perhaps you can be more specific about what you are trying to accomplish?

There is not support for use of wildcards in the way that you’ve mentioned, at least not for MIDI inputs.

Here are a few examples of places where you can do a range detect, media bins, slider marks and pop-up menu selection.

I have the same problem… it’s tedious work to get MIDI notes I want/need into VDMX. A start would be to have a second option to add notes / CCs by typing them into the Dedicated MIDI window. Best would be some kind of table divided into coloms for Channel, Note, CC or something and the name that should be displayed.

I would be great to hear more about your particular use case!

Feel free to send us more info about what you are specifically trying to accomplish and maybe we can work it in as a feature request in a future update.

I just saw this already possible since forever …but not to add them manually - you have to detect something first. Would be nice to do this. Also I’d still love to see the Dedicated Controls to popup in the Comm Display as this is always good to see if the MIDI message arrived or not.

Maybe it could help you

but when I need that kind of set up
I use my Ableton where I create a midi in a midi track sending on midi channel xx with as much as needed notes
then do “detect all” and then play the clip
this is the fastest way I found to do that

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Working with hardware … but yeah … this is the only workflow possible so far - already figured. Thanks for the input!


Thank you for your quick response and sorry for having taken so long to answer.
I’m using ableton+touchdesigner+vdmx configuration. What i’m trying to acomplish is to dedicate one channel of ableton to do an especific function in vdmx. For example, one only instrument controlling the opacity of a layer.

I can do it manually defining all the possible notes:
“/MIDI/ch. 1/notes[0]
/MIDI/ch. 1/notes[1]
/MIDI/ch. 1/notes[2]

/MIDI/ch. 1/notes[127]”

I would to know if there is some way to acomplish this with an easier way, but by the responses i think there is not.
I will try the range proposed by davidlublin or my be I can create a midi track that plays all the possible notes and play it while vdmx is detecting all, following the CtrlZ idea.

Thank you again!

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Bumping this thread as I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to use a range of incoming MIDI notes to move sliders (on effects, ISF shaders) according to their note number. So, essentially the idea is to divide slider ranges into 127 chunks, where the higher the incoming note, the higher the value that slider jumps to.

Is this possible? I’ve tried to figure this out every which way but so far no luck. Thank you for any help!

Not sure if this is what you want, but you can create ‘jump to’ marks on a slider and auto space them.

Here’s a slider wtih 127 marks auto-spaced:

Thanks, @ProjectileObjects — this looks like it could do the trick! Is there a way to quickly map these 127 marks to a full range of MIDI notes? Thanks again.


You can set it to a range like the image posted earlier in the thread. I just snapped in 127 marks with a the click of a mouse, hit auto space. Then from there you can copy and paste that to other sliders or make a slider preset, etc.