Midi Map Scratch Function

I’m sure this has been covered before but I couldn’t seem to find any related posts with an answer.

I’m looking to simply map the Scratch function of a layer transport to a Midi CC and get as close to how it behaves with the mouse. I tried some number FX to no avail. Gotta be possible, right?



try the pitch bend of midi controller

Seems to be the same result. The mapping says Pitch Wheel.

Yup… this is something I wish was possible as well - would be soooo nice since the scratching is very well implemented - but using a mouse / touchpad is too much aiming and we are not able to scratch multiple videos at the same time.

In fact you do not describe what the problem is
or what you want to obtain

Pretty sure I hit the problem and desired outcome.

When you Midi map the scratch slider on the layer transport control it does not behave the same way it does when using the mouse. It would somehow need to start at zero and go up and down, functioning just like the Pitch Wheel you mentioned. My midi controller is an LED fader but can be set to send pitch bend, however it functions just like a full range slider still.

So whatever is necessary to gain the same result when Midi mapped as using the mouse on the scratch slider.

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I think you need a mechanic pitch bend I will try with my push / touch OSC / and bargraphs led fader
I’ll tell you the result.

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nothing works correctly

Found a way to do it…

Map the play position of your layer to an LFO with a Ramp, then map the scratch function of the LFO to your desired CC. It’s not perfect, but better than nothing.

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