MIDI loop won't allow the video to play, just re-triggers

I can easily bring in the MIDI note triggers from Hardware Learn Toggle and QLab. The problem is that the video clips are not playing. They will play without a problem before I introduce the MIDI note trigger. But then some loop has perpetual new triggers that seem to restart the video before it plays the first frame.

If I back up and assign a keystroke instead of a MIDI note to play the same clip, it plays with no problem. Thoughts?

I’m using VDMX5 Version b0. on a Macbook Pro.


It sounds like you need to use the UI inspector to change the triggering modes for how the button / trigger responds to changes in MIDI.

Thank you David!!! I’ve tried the various options. Here’s a video showing what it’s doing: https://youtu.be/IZMJBnpelzI


I found that QLab was set to ‘IAC Driver’ instead of ‘To VDMX’ under settings/Midi Destination.

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Thanks for letting us know!