Midi controller works with VDMX but not lighting up

heh, does anyone use this - APC Key 25-APC Key 25 ? mine is showing up as assignable but not=ne of the lights on the keys or buttons are coming on, thanks

are you using the midi echo out for the lights?

i havnt tried - i just thought it would light up like it does with ABleton Live
it has 40 pads which should be coloured lights - any suggestions what to look at altering ? i just plugged in today . thanks

Since the APC series are designed for Ableton Live, they have the color presets that Ableton sends out when connected.

This is essentially a midi out value that goes from the computer to the controller and tells it to produce that color.

Since VDMX is customizable, so should be the controllers that you connect to it. So by defaul, VDMX buttons and sliders and not premapped to any MIDI configurations.

And the “echo back” or MIDI out command to turn the button lights on is not enabled by default unless you update that in your preferences.

With RGB buttons, you can adjust the values for when a button is enabled or disabled, likewise, with other controllers, some only offer singl color values, so the MIDI echo output settings will be different.


I am now using a Novation launchpad mini ( i read in the forums VJ kit other artists use with VDMX) - , when computer m1 starts up all its LED push buttons flash breifly on. When I assign a preset to each pad, and then trigger it, they dont ever light on again, and using hardware learn toggle i cant see how to enable echo back, different to a layer slider right click which offers those abilities. WHat else do you suggest or can you share a video please ?