Midi Clock to Ableton Link

Hi everybody,

I built a tool to convert Midi clock data into Ableton Link. The intended purpose is to read the tempo from a Track Deck in Native Instruments’ Traktor and make it a tempomaster in an AbletonLink Timeline. This wasn’t possible before.

You can now sync VDMX etc. FROM a Track Deck in Traktor (or any source that sends out midi clock.)

Here’s a video showing it with Traktor and VDMX

Midi Clock to Ableton Link converter

I am curious about your feedback.


Hi Andy,

This is a great tool, I’m currently trying to set up so I can use Resolume and Live clocked from Traktor which, as you’ve posted about, isn’t (properly) possible…until you made this!
I have absolutely no idea how to code and have tried to follow your instructions but got lost with OpenFrameworks and hit a wall. Could you provide me with any more information to get going with this?
Thanks again