Media Bin UI (clip padding)



This is minor but it would be nice to see the same padding on all sides of the Media Bin page. The scroll bar is always active which hides the dashed lines below below. Adding some padding to the right would create a cleaner look.

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Heavily seconded!!! This weird grid padding also has a problem when you drag an asset intendend for the rightmost slot of a row, the media bin scrolls slightly when the mouse enters that slot, and if you release the mouse at the wrong momement, it is inserted in the NEXT slot (first slot next row), and if the bin has “later” assets this results in shifting everything one down unintentionally.

(Edit, to explain: The subtle scroll means that when I drag and drop to an expected slot position and hover and release there, due to the slight autoscroll, the asset ends up in the next slot, not the slot i am hovering over.)

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Noted! I’ve added it to the list of requested updates. Thanks!

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