Media Bin, Next/Random on Movie End + Pause (cut to black or freeze) x seconds



I’m wondering if having the option to pause (cut to black or freeze) a movie for x seconds at the end when using Next on Movie End, Random on Movie End would be useful.

It would add some control and syncopation to automated playback of files in both live and installation settings and provide the opportunity to flash up a layer before the next movie starts. For example you could cut to black for x seconds and trigger a text layer to display the title of the next movie. Or freeze the last frame for x seconds and trigger an FX chain.




Hey Michael!

An interesting idea, but I think it goes a bit beyond the scope of the media bin plugin, which isn’t really meant to be used as a clip sequencer in that fashion, and anything along these lines would really need to be extremely open ended in order to really fit with the VDMX workflow.

That said, I can think of a few ways you can rig this up in VDMX – one would be to use the ‘Normalized Time’ from a layer to reset an LFO plugin, and then using a signal from that to trigger the next / random movie. See attached screenshot.



Ah, ok cool… I have that working cutting to black and displaying the next movie title from a text source. Need to play with the timing and to make sure the movie title list is running in the right direction but it looks like it will do exactly what I was visualising.

Easy to set up:

  1. Media Bin with movie files
  2. Text file with movie title (1 per line, set to line end)
  3. Movie layer on top (overlay)
  4. Text layer below (white text on black)
  5. Next movie and Text string triggered by LFO Ramp