Measuring/Capturing Audio Peaks Within VDMX?

Any ideas on how to achieve this?

A crowd reaction is called for, to measure their preference for A or B.

When the crowd reacts -
The audio volume of their reaction is used to drive a videoclip with 100 frames.
Each frame has a person holding a handpainted number from 1 to 100.

The desire - would be to leave paused on the screen -
the highest value reached for the reaction to A - eg frame 75
… ie it stays on frame 75, until any higher value is reached…

Then a reset of the clip,

And volume / reaction would be measured for B.


This 'Ratchet plugin’ seemed in the ballpark
(But the link to ratchet plugin no longer works: "The requested URL /oldforums/download/file.php was not found on this server.” )

How would you do this?

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Hope all is good down there.

Here is a link to the ratchet plugin.