MBP M1 Max - high power mode, VDMX experiences?


I’m about to finally invest for a new Macbook Pro M1 Max. I’m trying to gather data for deciding between 14" (great for touring and stage setups once that happens again) or the 16", with more screen estate and the high power mode.

Has anyone got a 16" and have tried the High Power Mode, does this markedly affect VDMX performance?

If you have a 14" or 16", how is the thermal handling when pushed to the max for extended sessions?

With the previous Intel generation I felt the decision between 13" and 15" was easy, I always went with the 15" (or 17") for live production, and the 13" for office and audio handling, but this time I’m not so sure…happy to hear any observations and comments from those of you who made the jump.



I have the 16" and my friend has the 14". He regrets not having the extra screen estate.

Also, get more internal SSD storage, it’s much faster then any external drives you’ll be able to purchase and with swap, it means it can function as a memory boost.

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Thanks, very valid observations… would absolutely love that 4 TB SSD.



Went for it, a 16" with 4 TB. Delivery… April!