Max Movie Recorder Output Size?

I am having an issue with using the Movie Recorder plugin to render a file to something larger than 3840 wide. I am trying to render to an odd size to fit a venues immersive system: 7170 X 1080.

The Movie Recorder does not allow me to do this. I have my Canvas size set to this same size and it renders to screen just fine - scaled of course.

Is this simply a limitation of VDMX?


See if the syphon recorder works: Syphon Recorder | Syphon

Oh… nice. That works… It is barking at me about drive speed etc… but I can work that all out.


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You might want to round up the 7170 to some multiple of 16. A lot of video codecs are optimized for that.

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If you keep on getting dropped frames or drive warnings and have repeatable content you could try recording the left and right sides separately. Use a 4K capture device with the Blackmagic Output plugin (best) or Movie Recorder plugin.

In VDMX group the full size content layers then create two additional layers at half the width of the canvas. Group each layer and position Onscreen left and right. Use the main content group as the source for the left and right layers using the Copy sizing mode. Positioning the layers to create a seamless full width view. Record each side separately and comp together in post and output at full res.

Content Group = Rez: 7680x1080
Left and Right Group = Rez: 3840x1080, Position: Onscreen, Sizing mode: Copy
Left and Right Group Layer Source = Content Group, Layer sizing mode: Copy