MacOS Mojave

So with Mojave knocking on the update door (and with new macs soon to be mojave only) how does it play with VDMX?

You should be all good with the latest update √

The one detail be aware of is that in 10.14 there is no 32-bit support, so certain 3rd party plugins (such as old FreeFrame or QC plugins, Flash media) may no longer work; sadly not much we can do about that on our end.

As usual definitely send us bug reports if you run into anything, we are on double high alert and if needed we plan to put out a minor update in a week or two in response to any issues that come up!

If you are updating, it is always strongly recommended to do a backup of all your important data beforehand and if you have the time we suggest doing a totally fresh OS install so you don’t get any incompatible problems with old plugins.

ok, great - I will by no means update straight away. But the fact that OpenCL and OpenGL will be deprecated just had me wondering. Does that mean VDMX already is metal2 optimised?

I think you misunderstand the status of OpenGL in OS X – “deprecated” means that it is still there, but that in some future OS release it will not.

To take a similar case, QuickTime was deprecated several years ago, but it wasn’t until 10.14 that it was actually completely removed from the OS. Apple made sure that developers like had plenty of time to switch to AVFoundation.

VDMX is still OpenGL based, and like with our QT -> AVF transition it’ll probably be another year or so before we adapt to Metal (or Vulkan) as an alternative.


Hey everyone!

We just released a minor update that has a few small fixes for 10.14, in particular with some dragging behaviors; we haven’t turned on the auto-updater yet, but you can download it ( from our homepage now.


after upgrading to mojave last week my project kept crashing repeatedly and really quickly, sent off the logs but not sure if it’s something to do with mojave or whether it’s some corruption, or something i’m using in the project or configuration, today just running a standard template and it’s been ok (well for about 30 mins) is there something i can identify in the log and where are they stored on a mac to open? thanks


For anyone who stumbles into urbanojamano’s remark here, it seems like this might’ve been a particular QC FX (Bulge.qtz) on a particular GPU – to get the best stability and performance in VDMX, in general we suggest using:

  • the ISF (.fs) versions of FX and generators
  • the OpenGL or GLSL versions of composition modes