M2 Macbook Air VDMX Performance?


I’ve been thinking of getting a new macbook purely for live shows. I currently have a M1 Max Macbook Pro, but because this is my daily driver, it is loaded with crap ton of stuff, so I have been thinking of getting an extra computer just purely to use on show day.

Was wondering how the M2 Macbook air performs with vdmx? My concern is on its 8GB memory and also the GPU horsepower, not sure how much this would affect live performance?

I’m sure it would do alright, but the M1 and M2 are entry level efficiency processors. The unified memory is more important in my opinion.

Also, I wonder if the M2 has the same hardware output limitations as the M1 (which I believe only supported a single 4K external monitor? So that would be annoying for multiple projector shows.