Lumix Blackmagic non display

Hi, trying to connect a Lumix FZ1000 via a Blackmagic web presenter box and the video source is black. I’ve tried this with a Panasonic HDC-TM900 and it works fine. I can’t think what I’m not doing! Does anybody out there use a Lumix for capturing? Any help welcome

Does it work with OBS or any other video apps on your computer? What about the black magic viewer application?

Hello, I used GH5, BMPPC and Sony camera wit various Black Magic interface for acquisition (mainly Black Magic Ultra Studio).

Although in the end I was always able to get the system to work, it was sometimes difficult to establish the connection. My problems often came from an incompatibility between the output format of the camera, the format in the capture card or the format detected in VDDMX. I tried different settings until it worked.

As suggested by @ProjectileObjects, I first use the Black Magic Media Express application to check that the camera signal enters the computer correctly. If it’s ok, your problem is in VDMX, if not, it’s related to your camera signal or acquisition card.

I hope this will help :slightly_smiling_face:

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