Loop timing / clock M:?

When loading loops I get various results in the M: ? box, that is just to the right of the clock dropdown. Other than that it is a count of measures, I can’t seem to find a descriptor for this field, any inspectors related to it, or a way to automate it. Could someone explain how this parameter works? i’m trying to make it so that any clip i load of a similar duration always comes in at the same number of measures. This seems to be related to the tempo of the clock? At 95 bpm it comes in as 6 measures, at 120 it comes in as 8, which makes sense. I want it to always be a fixed # of measures though, either 4 or 8, so that I can change tempo and add different loop layers and not have manually set this.


Basically VDMX tries to do a best guess to translate the the original duration (which is in seconds) to some number of measures based on the BPM, such that the clip plays as close to 1x as possible.

You can adjust this for a group of clips all at once via the File Inspector, but I’ll make a note that perhaps we should add an option that forces it to a multiple of 2, 4, etc.


Thanks for explaining this