Logic MIDI timeline with unique notes triggering unique clips using MTC...How does it work?

In Logic X I created a MIDI timeline that successfully triggers my DMXIS software. I’m trying to have some of the notes trigger camera angles in my VDMX media bin. I can successfully trigger different camera angles/clips with keystrokes, but when I detect and play the Logic file it says MTC over the clip, but it doesn’t seem to be the MIDI notes that are triggering it, but rather the playing of the Logic timeline. Thoughts?

I’m using VDMX5 in High Sierra 10.13 on a 2016 Macbook Pro

I’m not entirely clear on what you are describing; perhaps you can describe it in a clearer way (a diagram or a reproducible example might help?)

A few notes here:

  • MTC stands for MIDI Timecode; you can receive this in VDMX to keep the local clock in sync, but MTC itself does not contain any note information itself.

  • MTC data is sent constantly from Logic when it is playing back; because of this, detecting can be difficult – this is the case whenever you are sending lots of MIDI all at once. Three quick suggestions here:

    1. Temporarily stop sending MTC while doing setup of MIDI notes for detect
    2. In the VDMX Preferences under MIDI, there is an option to detect MIDI inputs that show up as “dedicated controls” – any MIDI values that are set up as dedicated don’t go into the regular detect system (instead you can access them as regular data-sources). You can do this with your incoming MTC values so that they don’t constantly flood the detection technique.
    3. Using the UI Inspector you can manually enter in the address path for MIDI data that is being received instead of using the detection technique.
  • You may also find it useful to try the “Comm Display” plugin in VDMX to observe incoming MIDI data too make sure it is being properly sent / received.