Local Network Video Feed causes Crash

I’m trying to receive a video feed from another Mac, we’re connected through an internet switch via lan cables. I’m using a mid-2015 15" macbook pro.
I tried using NewTek NDI Scan Converter, but with no success as after a while stream starts getting extremely laggy, and it restarts working only after I choose my window as a source again from their top “File” menu. I think the issue is on their side .

Therefore I tried to use VDMX built-in web stream as source, so I output a video feed via an URL reachable locally, and things works fine for a while, until the stream blocks and VDMX stucks, forcing me to quit it.
Stream is 640x480.
I noticed that when this issue happens, VDMX is using something like 5GB of memory. While as I open the project it uses just 140mb, and I think that this could be the problem.

Do you have any suggestions on that? Has anyone ever faced those connectivity issues?
Thank you for your support!

We haven’t had any similar reports but it sounds like something is certainly wrong!

Two things:

  1. Can you make sure to send us the crash reports on launch
  2. and then next time you can recreate the issue, use the “Report Bug” option from the Help menu

and we’ll have a closer look into it!