Live looping w a buffer


I’m used to using A QTZ patch for delay, that, when added to a feedback layer, creates a seamless loop in the feedback layer. This is great for switching content on main channels, as the feedback loop is atop all other layers. But, with Quartz going the way of the dodo… wondering if there’s another solution.

If you haven’t tried this, you’re missing out. Its an absolutely amazing way of making smooth transitions. Here’s details for making this: Feedback layer above all other layers, who’s source is “main output” (added to a media bin via right click), composite mode: “OVER”. In this layer’s effects, add the Quartz composer Video-Delay effect (it still kinda works on M1 macs!). Then, fade this layer up slowly while there’s some other content playing on a layer below this. Now you’ve got a seamless loop playing, and can change out the clips on other layers without them showing up on your output. When you fade-down the feedback loop, it’ll fade directly into the new content layers. Hope this helps someone… give a shout if you need the delay patch.

So, is there a more modern way of doing this that doesn’t involve QTZ patches? The Movie Recorder isn’t great because a) hard cuts don’t look good, and b) uses a lot of hd space.