Live Camera inputs on Touch Bar MacBook Pro

I used to use video cameras via firewire to supply video inputs to my older MacBook Pros but everything has changed now that I have a Touch Bar model.

[yes its a powerful machine and I can manage to run up to 4 projectors but I am not impressed by several things including build quality]

IT SEEMS - that even my webcams don’t work properly. Is it still possible to get video inputs through DSLR or other video cameras? (I have a SONY ex3 and PD170) or a go pro even?

What am I missing?


Do a search for USB HDMI capture - plenty of easy reliable options

Thanks for a speedy response. From what I am seeing I need to invest in a third party capture device? Ive been looking at the blackmagic design atem mini video switcher.

If your old MacBook still works you could have it send the video over NDI to your new computer. Otherwise, ya the new Mac sucks for ports especially FireWire. Apples official stance is to buy a dongle connected to another dongle. I have a non functional FireWire sound card because I’d rather invest in a new sound card then recursive dongling:)

I recently did a review of the Feelworld LivePro HDMI mixer. If all your cameras have HDMI you can loop them through this and use the USB capture option. There’s other “lower latency” capture hardware out there, but this would accept 4 inputs at once that you could manually switch between at a low price ($299)

More on UVC capture devices here:

Hey thanks. I will check it out.

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