I figured this is a long shot, but with all the new non DLSR cameras like NDI PTZ Cameras and/or Blackfly S USB3 cameras, I can’t decide what a new live camera plug n play types I should look into.

What are ya’ll using these days?

bonus question;
Is anyone writing anything software wise controlling IIDC Camera Control Library or libdc1394 Control Library? Gain, exposure, focus, frame rate, gama, ect.

Whats happened with GigE, there were a couple of people looking at this at one time but it went quiet? SDI is still the industry standard for long cable runs and the safe option. NDI is very accessible using a smartphone and a good option for some situations and HDMI cameras for shorter cable runs. USB webcam the best choice for low cost short cable run with zero latency. But camera choices have always been tricky mainly due to the cost (body + lens + interface) but also there will never be a solution which works for all situations. One interesting option are the low cost Zoom Q2n cameras because of the high quality built-in mic (if you want audio), more suited to short cable runs but capable (video and audio). Again it depends on your use case.

Cool thanks, yeah totally depends on the project.
I’m not super concerned with low cost, I’m more interested in seeing who’s experimenting with the newer cameras vs industry standard.

I been trying to see if anyone has take live control of camera variables in the newer cameras, there’s all these packaged gimbal heads and or tiny industrial cameras with variable frame rates and huge CCD’s
I wish there was a place to research them outside of corporate product videos.

Been diving deep into Edmund optics and Fair camera prototypes. just don’t know how to find more research without just buying the camera and getting lost in disappointment :sweat_smile:

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A lot of pro studio cameras have a CCU (CameraControlUnit iirc) input, don’t they? Are those protocols standardized? Probably not…

I guess I would be interested in live controlling those 360° Cameras - you basically get the camera man if you were able to pan through the panorama.

With consumer cameras I am pretty disappointed. Mostly from Sony. Their apps are so disfunctional. Maybe MagicLantern for Canon cameras has something in that direction?

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Yeah trying to save up for a NDI/SDI PZT with multi axis head control, I guess it will have to be DMX motor control. @microfx

@2bitpunk I actually (stepped back) started to play with these tiny 4K USB cameras (frame rates have a delay at 4K but really responsive at HD) with manual controlled C-mount lenses from mokose

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Could you link to those 4k cameras?

ha ha, I’ll do it again - it was a hotlink - mokose , I’m working on some weird new lens from Edmund optics too