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Is it possible to make a custom list of certain blending modes and then change between these blending modes with a slider? If so, how would I go about it? Could it be a slider with custom numbers (how to create that?), then connected to one of the existing blending mode lists. Would that be a way to do it?

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A few things to note. The blend modes have their own navigation menu. Up, Down, Random, etc.

You can also set individual controls midi, osc, etc. to specific blend modes.

If you create a custom control surface and make buttons. You can configure those buttons to trigger each blend mode.

Then on the buttons, you can set them to receive midi from a linear potentiometer (midi slider). And set each button to receive a val from input. Then adjust your threshold.

Now, from the Blend mode menus, use the control surface buttons to trigger the blend mode presets. Make sure they are all triggered on rise and fall otherwise they won’t turn on when you move the slider down (assuming it’s a vertical slider).

In this example, when you move the time slider in the LFO (simulating a physical slider on your MIDI controller), it will change the blend modes to specific ones presets. (16.9 KB)


Wow, thanks! That’s very helpful and I once again highly appreciate the prompt answer!


Would it be possible to create a single button that cycles through a custom list of blending modes?
First press: Blending mode 1
Second press: Blending mode 2
Third press: Blending mode 3

Yes, you can make a pop up botton in a custom control surface, create your presets, and then use the navigation settings in the pop up button to move up or down your blend mode list.

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I have created buttons and assigned blending modes to the buttons. I do this on multiple layers - four unique buttons for each layer. For some reason the buttons change blending modes for multiple layers - even though I go to each layer and assign blending modes for this particular layer to a single button, and then go on to a new layer and assign this layer’s blending mode to a new button.

EDIT: I think I have resolved it. It’s (again) because I have to create a single Control Surface (with my blending mode buttons) for each layer. Instead of using one Control Surface with individual buttons for multiple layers Is this correct? Is that expected behaviour?

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Sounds good. If you ever run into any hiccups, screen recording a video helps us to better understand your situation. Thanks!

My edit above doesn’t make sense. Sorry.
The explanation to my problems with blending mode buttons changing multiple layers can be found here:

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