Lets "Do Math?" show us how you "Function"

Hi All,

Wow, that has to be the cheesiest of topic subjects in this whole forum :laughing: !

I use Do Math? ($VAL) all the time to bump/move things around the screen and I’ve been thinking this would be a good topic to explore particularly for people starting to dig a bit deeper into FX/animation.

For example in the UI Inspector for a slider check the Do Maths? box and enter “$VAL!!/2” (without quotes). Next attached the data source /Clock 1/MeasurePosition to the slider. This will centre the siders marker and cause it to bump backwards and forwards to the measure of the clock. The factorial “!” operator in the function constrains the movement, try the same function but remove one of the ! to see the result or add more !!! for finer control. Simple and effective for jiggling things around to the beat.

VDMX uses the DDMathParser by Dave Delong

List of Operators

Give it a try and share any useful functions you might have found.


Note: click the image to see the Do Math? check box


Along with this, do also note that the LFO plugin allows for entering in custom equations as a waveform type… from the UI Inspector you can:

  • enter in math expressions using the variables $TIME, $X and $Y
  • create piecewise functions