Layer Output - more than Quad

Hi team!

This may be a simple question, but I can’t seem to find a simple answer!

I’m creating some projection mapping layers and I was wanting to make some layers in more complex shapes that what I can with the Quad tool on the composition tab in the workspace inspector. Is there a way to create layers with more complex designs by adding more ‘drag points’ to the shapes or by some other means. Many thanks!

Hi Scott,
I’ve asked this a time ago, and I’m sorry but the answer is no
maybe for VDMX6 ;)

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Hi Scott, you shoud use another software like MadMapper. Just send a syphon out of your composition and manipulate it in Madmapper or a similar software.

yeah, I did figure that was an option, but as I don’t use MadMapper I was keen to see if VDMX would do it natively.

I endorse this feature request deeply!

I frequently need to map more complex shapes than quad, and often outside the boundaries of what the Composition GUI allows, and I build multiple of these mapped, shaped layers inside the total VDMX composition, it is not for external mapping. Some of them mapped to others again mapped to others, so I can’t syphon all of these in and out over and over again ;)

Hi Scott,

This will only work for some situations but it’s a quick workaround if you dont have any mapping tools.

You can create complex masks using a group of layers and quad. Give each layer in the group a solid color source, say green (100%), create your quad and set the comp mode to Over. Add a Chroma Mask FX to the group and set the key color to green (100%). Position the group above the content layers to map in.

Once you have created your mask group you can always output the group as an image using the Movie Recorder plugin. Then delete the group and use the outputted image to save on layers.



Haha, smart idea! This reminds me of VPT, which had a similar guide on how to create more complex masks.