Last clip position is not saved and Clip Source / actual output out of sync

Hell everyone,

I have a setup with 3 Layers and with a Media Bin for each layer.
Each media bin has loaded the same page.

Because I want the clip to be resumed at the last position when it is triggered, I checked the “Movie Start Time” attribute in the file inspector of each file.

Theoretically it works when I look at the source panel of the clip: its resume where it stopped the last time. However, when I check the actual output it starts at the very beginning. That means the source panel runs out of sync with the actual output.

Can anyone please help me with this?

Thank you, Michael

I believe this is related to a bug with saving and triggering the start movie times. If you set and in or out on a clip, VDMX saves it, but when you play that clip back, VDMX still starts at the beginning (wrong time).