Korg NanoKontrol Studio

Hello David,

I hope that you are doing well, I recently purchased a Korg NanoKontrol Studio and was hoping that the tutorial you created for the NanoKontrol2 would work for the NanoKontrol Studio.

Unfortunately the transport controls on your template don’t work on the Studio.

I was wondering if you would produce a tutorial and or template for the Studio, which I think would make a great controller for vdmx.

Steven E Oliver

Hey Steven,

Ahh, we don’t have a NanoKontrol Studio in the office yet, but I’ll see about getting one.

It should be pretty easy to re-assign things to make your own template in the meantime. Pretty much every UI element in VDMX can be MIDI assigned by right-clicking on it to do a ‘detect’, or you can use the UI Inspector to manually adjust things.

– DL

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Hello David,

I have been trying to program the NanoKontrol Studio for a minute and studying your tutorials.
I am going to dig deeper into the NanoKontrol Studio manual, to see where I am going wrong.



We’ve got one coming in the mail this week ;)


Hello David,

That’s great news! I am looking forward to see how you configure the NanoKontrol Studio for vdmx.


Hello David,

I have been working with the Korg NanoKontrol Studio and so far I have been able to sync the sliders, knobs and most of the buttons except the next, previous navigation buttons on the media bin and NanoKontrol Studio.

Using the Hardware learn mode and assigning CC# 0 to the Track FF and
Track Rew FF buttons on the Korg NanoKontrol Studio,
I can select consecutive clips in the media bin going to next or previous but not both back and forth.

Have you had any time to explore the Korg NanoKontrol Studio yet?



I’ve only played with it a bit so far! We also just got a loaner unit from Roli (https://twitter.com/VIDVOX/status/1161416469751705600) and trying to wrap our hands around that sweet piece of gear before we have to return it :)

The Roli gear looks real cool, I know you want to try that out.