JPG-like glitch effect inspired by Observer game


Hello guys,

I’m publishing my first ISF filter today. :slight_smile:

It was inspired by Observer game - play it, it’s full of great glitchy-tech-punk environments. This is a compilation few gameplay clips using the effect:

ISF link:

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Absolutely love this, and thanks for the video inspiration reference, there are a couple other nice ideas in there as well :)
(especially really cool the way they use this particular FX where the amount of glitch increases with the amount of motion / acceleration of the camera!)

Minor note / tip / suggestion – in the JSON section at the top, change the category tag from XXX to “Glitch” so it shows up with the other glitch style FX when people search.



I’m glad you like it. :) I’ll update the sketch later to better match the reference. For now I’ve updated the sketch category and cleaned the code a bit.