JPG-like glitch effect inspired by Observer game

Hello guys,

I’m publishing my first ISF filter today. :slight_smile:

It was inspired by Observer game - play it, it’s full of great glitchy-tech-punk environments. This is a compilation few gameplay clips using the effect:

ISF link:


Absolutely love this, and thanks for the video inspiration reference, there are a couple other nice ideas in there as well :)
(especially really cool the way they use this particular FX where the amount of glitch increases with the amount of motion / acceleration of the camera!)

Minor note / tip / suggestion – in the JSON section at the top, change the category tag from XXX to “Glitch” so it shows up with the other glitch style FX when people search.

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I’m glad you like it. :) I’ll update the sketch later to better match the reference. For now I’ve updated the sketch category and cleaned the code a bit.