JPEG resolution


Hi. Is there a resolution limit for JPEGs?
I have a map of the world which is 21600x10800. the layer says it is only 4192x2096.
can i get around this?



tried converting to hap file, but i think the resolution is too high. everything just hangs or crashes.
would be great to get VDMX to render the full resolution JPEG, if at all possible.

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I don’t know, but I guess it’s due to a limit of a framework external to vdmx.

Vuo might provide a solution.
It might share the same restrictions, but perhaps slicing and then stitching the original image would be an option.


  1. In the VDMX preferences you can specify what the maximum resolution images should be load as – images over this resolution will scaled to this size.
  2. Images that are bigger than the max texture size for your GPU may run into issues!
  3. Feel free to send us a reproducible test case (project file / media) for us to try out ourselves!
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